A4TECH KK3 Multimedia Keyboard


  • Drain whole design
  • Large enter key
  • Adjustable keyboard legs
  • Traditional keycaps


A4tech kk3 multimedia keyboard is a supplemental device that enables a user to input text into a computer or any other electronic machinery. The exclusive natural-A shape key structure is designed to prevent repetitious strain injury to the wrist, neck, and shoulders. It is the primary device used to enter texts.  A4tech kk3 multimedia keyboard is comfortable and easy to carry. It has a large enter key and adjustable height. So, you can easily buy it.

It is made with drain holes designed to prevent the keyboard from a liquid spilling off. It has a high-elasticity silicon membrane for a fresh and comfortable typing experience. This is useful if you are not suitable to exit an operation duly. It has laser inscribed keys that ensure you will never lose your key identity.  This has made it easy for users to transition from one computer to another and to use their typing skills on multiple biases. Laser printing key packs make the letter always new even after a long time. It is simple and basic yet meets the conditions.


Brand A4TECh
Keyboard KK3
Keycaps Traditional
Cable length 150cm
Dimensions 490*25*131 mm
Adjustable height Yes
Rating 5V / 100 mA
Splash proof Yes


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