Tesla Smart Watch Price


  • Display: 1.3 inches HD display
  • Built-In Personalized Dials
  • Heart rate Monitor
  • Battery: 300 mah


Are you looking for a smartwatch that has a high Ram, Rom, and great Battery timing? Then you need to check the Tesla smartwatch price is minimal that has a lot of features like a great battery and Ram, Rom. The Smartwatch also comes with well size screen with high resolution, a Waterproof feature, and is made with Aluminum & PC material.

This getiit tesla smartwatch comes with i.3 inches Full HD display with 240 x 240-pixel resolution. Moreover, it monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, and step count. Also, it has a lot of functions like Bluetooth call, push notifications, contact syne, caller ID, and Weather sync.

Additionally, Tesla smartwatch price has fast Bluetooth connectivity with a 300 mah battery and works for up to 60 minutes. As it is a Waterproof smartwatch so you can wear it in and outside as well. Tesla smart watch makes with Aluminum & PC material and its design is so good.

This Tesla smart watch price is now caring for your health as well. You can monitor your sleep time, and step count, and set an alarm. Furthermore, in this smartwatch, you will get a speaker and mic so you can listen to music and attend calls. If you are willing to buy this smartwatch, then you must come to Nexgen and buy it. Because Nexgen is the best-selling online platform.


Brand Getiit
Product Tesla smart watch
Screen size 1.3 inches HD Display
Screen Resolution 240 x 240 pixel
Ram 32 MB
Rom 128 MB
Material Aluminum & PC
HD touch screen Yes
Battery 300 mah
Battery Timing About 60 minutes
color Silver
Bluetooth 4.2v



1.      High Ram & Rom

2.      HD touch screen

3.      Built-in Speaker and mic

1.      Less Battery timing


All the functionalities and features of Tesla smart watch are mentioned in the above content. This is the best smart watch because of its features like high ram, rom, mic, speaker, and fast Bluetooth connectivity.


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