Space BR-660 Price in Pakistan


  • Appealing design
  • Dual-mode: game/music
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Long battery


One of the first, and possibly most fundamental aspects of any earphone, is the actual type it is. There are several types of earphones that generally work in the same way, but the Space br-660 is one of the best earphones in Pakistan. It’s time to keep the focus on the game. Space BR-660 price in Pakistan is not so high cost. You can buy it easily. Bravo pro wireless gaming earphones are tailor-made specially to fuel energy into your game time. An additional advantage is that they are much smaller and can be easy to carry away outside. This is very useful for personal safety. One of the advantages of these earphones is comfort, especially if it is to be worn at any time.

These earphones give a quality sound of 360• boom. Its microphone is the best for clear sound. Space BR-660 price in Pakistan is so budget-friendly. Space bravo pro gaming earphone also allows answering calls. Thus, enjoy gaming, calling, and music anytime for a long time. No doubt, you want to enjoy quality sound. So, buy these space bravo earphones online from NexGen website. Just go on the website, and add quality stereo sound tools to the cart. NexGen ensures the free, safe, and fast delivery of your required products.


Model BR-660
Version 5.0
Range 10 m
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Dimensions 60*66*33 mm
Charging Time 1.5 hrs.
Standby Time 120 hrs.
Weight 44g


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