Plastic Foldable Laptop Table


  • Adjustable Laptop Stand
  • Use: Laptop stand
  • Material: Plastic
  • Thickened anti-slip mat


If you have any desire to dispose of neck pain or shoulder pain in the wake of slumping a laptop for quite a while. Then you need this Plastic foldable laptop table because of a lot of features and specifications. It is the best plastic laptop stand in Pakistan.

This plastic stand for the laptop is an Adjustable Laptop Stand & Ergonomic Design. Moreover, it is about to adjustable from 26 to 30 degrees. With the help of this laptop stand you can improve your spine alignment and minimize back pain.

Furthermore, a Plastic foldable laptop table is a portable stand where you can put notebooks, and mobile. You can always take it at whatever place you are working at home or going to the office. it is put on Compact, Lightweight, and Foldable – rapidly overlaps into an 11.4 inches length strip.

Its Extra Non-Slip Pads immovably hold your PC and forestall superfluous shaking and sliding while you work. Moreover, Four-Point non-slide cushions keep your stand stable. So, if you tire from your every time work then you need to purchase this laptop stand from Nexgen.


  1. The Foldable Notebook Desk has a cabinet compartment, which makes it simple for you to store a wide range of little items.
  2. The folding table can be locked at different angles, providing the most comfortable typing angle.
  3. it is about to adjustable from 26 to 30 degrees.
  4. You can use it when you are in the bed.
  5. Laptop cooling stands with 3 viewing angles.



1.      adjustable from 26 to 30 degrees.

2.      3 viewing angles.

3.      provide a better posture





Here all the features of the Plastic foldable laptop table are mentioned in the above content. By using this plastic stand you will be able to work in bed when you are tired from a lot of work.


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