Onikuma K3 Gaming Headset


  • Ergonomic design with noise-canceling earpad
  • 4D surrounded stereo sound
  • Adjustable microphone for convenient communication
  • Cool RGB lights


Now, you can enjoy long hours of gaming with help of the Onikuma K3 Gaming Headset. This lightweight and metal-framed headset has matchless sound results. It not only has fine audio results due to the large loudspeaker unit diameter but also attractive design. Moreover, the adjustable headset gives freedom to gamers gaming to adjust it. Furthermore, soft and comfortable ear pads cover the whole ear to avoid any external intrusion. Due to the 4D design, it allows you to enjoy the all-way sound.

Due to easy and comfortable wearing, gamers can enjoy gaming for unlimited hours. Additionally, the noise-reducing microphone makes teammates’ discussions clear and focused. Besides, you can enjoy online conversations as well as high-note music. Above all, RGB lights on the ear pads depict the atmosphere of the game. If you stay behind in the virtual contests then the fault lies in the headset. Here is the Onikuma K3 Gaming headset, which has remarkable results for gaming. Adjustable headset, soft ear-pads, noise-reducing mic, and the icing on a cake low price!

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Brand Onikuma
Model K3
Material ABS&Metal
Audio jack 3.5 mn
LED light Yes
Cable 2m
Compatible Xbox 1, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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