Miss Rose Highlighter Palette


  • Six color-coordinated blush shades & highlights
  • Shades: 12
  • Smooth & lightweight formula
  • Easily blend-able


Give your dull and tired face a fresh look with Miss Rose Highlighter palette formula. This highlighter palette constitutes six shades that give you an entirely new look. A quality highlighter palette is complementary to any skin tone. Moreover, the silky composition of the palette makes facial features more prominent. Whether contouring cheeks or eyeshadow use for eyes, all is possible with a highlighter palette. You can use it freely because Miss Rose uses skin-friendly ingredients that vent out the risk of skin damage.

It smoothly melts into the skin and gives a luminous appearance. So, replace your previous highlighter palette with a new Miss Rose highlighter palette. It not only is easily blend-able but also long-lasting. If you want to hide your tiredness or dullness due to long hours of work then apply Miss Rose blush and highlighter. Undoubtedly, it is skin-friendly gives skin an unexpected glow, and highlights features superbly.

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Brand Miss Rose
Stay time 7-8 hours
Shades 12
Skin tone All tones


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