APK Matte Liquid Eyeliner


  • Easy application and fast drying
  • Shades: 8
  • Water-resistant
  • Magic gel for eyelashes


Completely rare and natural  APK matte liquid eyeliner gives perfect heaviness to the eyelashes. This magic gel is made of eyes-friendly ingredients that vent out the risk of allergy. Moreover, this liquid gel gets dried quickly.  Above all, it is water-resistant. Whether you are in rain or crying with joy, your eyelashes will still be the same. Additionally, you can easily wash off the eyeliner with warm water. Undoubtedly, it is a real and natural formula that gives eyes a natural and prettiest look. APK is renowned for the stylish and delicate packaging of its product.

Similarly, APK matte liquid eyeliner has a 1.8  ml pearl design that makes it more catchy and attractive. Most eyeliners have short use life but this liquid eyeliner is different. Now, get rid of low-quality and substantial eyeliners and choose APK water-resistant matte liquid eyeliner. So, keep your eyelashes heavy for a longer time with a professional application. Replace your old eyeliner with APK eyeliner and feel the fabulous difference.

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Brand APK
Type Liquid
Quantity 1.8 ml


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