4,440 18,500

  • Smooth luster surface
  • Outstanding color reproduction
  • Black and white prints with even tonality
  • Excellent fade resistance
  • Excellent match for PIXMA Pro Printers


The A4 LUSTER 260G PHOTO PAPER is a smooth satin Inkjet photo paper. it reminisces traditional resin-coated papers use in darkrooms. It has designed for professional photographers looking to show their work to its best advantage without sending images to the photo lab. You will receive stunning prints.

The A4 LUSTER 260G PHOTO PAPER designed to provide a consistent look and deliver vivid colors with sharp details as well as stunning black and white prints with rich blacks and smooth tonality.

Your photos will now last a lifetime. The A4 LUSTER 260 G PHOTO PAPER provides exceptional image quality and longevity. Moreover, fast drying times, water resistance, and a glossier surface than semi-gloss are attributing to its fine particle-sized coating. Consistent image tone and color regardless of lighting conditions under which the image is displaying make it an ideal paper for studios and exhibitions.


  • This paper has a surface of Luster.
  • It has an ISO brightness of 92.
  • The thickness of the paper is 0.26mm.
  • Its weight is 260g.
  • Your photos will now be able to last a lifetime. Gas and light are use to protect precious memories which you can display or sell with confidence.
  • This paper is best use professionally.
  • The A4 LUSTER 260 G PHOTO PAPER will help you deliver your images in vivid and sharp colors.

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