Miss Rose Primer price in Pakistan


  • Retains glow for a longer time
  • Hides dark spots
  • Freckle Removing
  • Natural concealer


Quickly absorbing natural concealer Miss Rose primer price in Pakistan is highly affordable. This silicone-based primer has a silky and gel-like consistency that makes blending and absorption easier. The silky formula of the primer functions as the best concealer. It not only blurs the pores but also hides the lines and minor scars. Moreover, it hides dark circles as well. Besides, it prevents makeup camouflage due to its colorless composition. Other than that, it acts as a moisturizer for the skin and keeps dryness away due to that it gives the perfect makeup base.

Mostly makeup primers cause redness on skin but Miss Rose creamy primer is different. It is highly skin-friendly and gives healing effects to the skin. Additionally, it gives smoothness and a long-lasting glow to the skin. Undoubtedly, it is fabulous that its application, blending, and absorption are quick. So, buy this multifunctional Miss Rose Primer for quality results. The regular application of this primer before makeup removed freckles and dark spots completely. So, buy it because Miss Rose primer price in Pakistan is highly wallet-friendly.

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Brand Miss Rose
Makeup type Primer
Skin- type All
Weight 30 ml



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