Miss Rose Mascara Price in Pakistan


  • Waterproof and long-lasting
  • Perfect matte and curling
  • Anti-allergic


Uniquely manufactured Miss Rose mascara gives eyes a new shape. Miss Rose Mascara price in Pakistan is highly low but the quality is matchless. Quality mascara is a magic gel that precisely curls eyelashes and extends as well. Also, the curling remains for a longer time. Moreover, this eyes-friendly Miss Rose mascara is waterproof, so you can wear it even in rain. It makes your eyes gorgeous and attractive. Because, it makes eyelashes 5- times thicker than normal. Besides, the smooth and volume-maximizing brush works extraordinarily to make your eyes prettier.

Easily application and quick drying along with long-lasting effects make it women’s only choice. It is neither allergy-causing nor leaves flakes under the eyes. So, you can apply mascara carefree because it causes not any damage to the eyes. Above all, Miss Rose mascara has a long work time. Comparative to the rest of the mascaras, it takes longer to get dried. It means you can use it over the years. Order it online because Miss Rose Mascara price in  Pakistan is quite low. Premium quality and low cost, what else do you want!

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Brand Miss Rose
Product Mascara
Weight 30 g


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