Mi power bank 10000mah price in Pakistan


  • 10000mAh powerful battery capacity
  • Dual-USB ports for quick charging
  • 18 W fast power delivery
  • 9 layers for circuit protection


To keep your device fully charged we bring mi power bank 10000mAh at a highly affordable price in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, this 14.2 mm thin Power Bank is a true manifestation of style and utility. Moreover, dual USB offers the quick charging of two devices simultaneously. Now, you can enjoy two-way quick charging on the go. Moreover, mi power bank 10000mah is highly safe for your expensive devices due to 9 layers of circuit protection.

Additionally, this black and slim power Bank gets charged in a short time but its recycling time is much more. Due to standardized manufacturing and surfacing the continuous use not even makes it heated or swollen. Therefore, you can easily and carefree use this low-cost Power Bank to charge your smartphones and tablets.  If you planning for a road trip then don’t forget to buy mi power Bank 10000mAH at a low price in Pakistan from the NexGen online shop.

The NexGen is one of the greatest and quality tech tools sellers who serve their customers countrywide. Thus, land on the NexGen page and quickly charge Power Bank to the cart. Also, explore the catalog of stylish and useful tech tools and add to the cart to experience both style and work efficiency. We ensure the fastest and safest product delivery nationwide.


Brand Xiaomi
Input interface Micro USB
Output interface USB-A
Rated power 10000mAh 3.85V ( 38.5Wh )
Input current 5.0V2.0A 9V/12V18W
Output current 5.1V2.4A 9V/12V15W MAX
Charging time 5-6 hrs.
Battery capacity 10000mAh


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