HP G100 Wired Optical USB Gaming Mouse


  • 3D scroll wheel
  • Teflon feet
  • Rubber cable
  • Wired optical


HP G100 WIRED OPTICAL USB GAMING MOUSE, control your game to optimum performance. With or without a mouse pad, the optical gaming mouse moves easily for precise optical tracking. Just plug the core into computer and ready to go. It has 3-Buttons scroll wheel. This gaming button rated up to 5 million clicks. Use the scroll wheel for fast, precise tracking to cross through your work smoothly.

Extreme quality mouse gaming mouse give you total control of your game. HP G100 WIRED OPTICAL USB GAMING MOUSE is the best for every game, budget grip, and size. The left and right buttons are more durable than the elite. This is ergonomically made for a better fit that make using one easier. The best gaming mouse is one that offers great performance with your favorite games. Hp G100 mouse is one of them. It is budget friendly; you can buy it easily.

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Model HP
Brand G100
Type Wired
Interface USB
Buttons 4
Tracking Method Optical
Hand Orientation Right Hand
Maximum DPI 2000 DPI
Scrolling Capability 1*Wheel


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