GETIIT Floral Sport Calling Smart Watch


  • Bluetooth 4.2 version
  • 200 mah Battery
  • Borderless design
  • IP68 Waterproof level


Are you looking for the best smartwatch which has features like great battery life, beautiful design, and Waterproof level? Then you need to check GETIIT Floral Sport Calling Smart Watch from Nexgen. This smartwatch has all these features.

This Getiit smartwatch has to Find my phone, good charging supply, social media, Message reader, Camera remote, etc. Additionally, it has a skin-friendly strap so you can wear it for every function and get more comfortable. Its strap makes with an extra silicone strap.

Moreover, the GETIIT Floral Sport Calling Smart Watch has 4.2 version Bluetooth. It comes with a waterproof speaker and built-in microphones to help for major calling sports. Also, this Floral Calling Sports smartwatch has a 200 mah battery So you can wear it more time. This smartwatch receives calls has a heart rate tracker, different languages, and an interactive musical speaker.

Furthermore, this smartwatch has a borderless screen shape with a high resolution. So, if you want to buy this Sports Calling Smartwatch then visit Nexgen. Because Nexgen appreciates that online shopping in Pakistan comes with its just share of risks. International products and local benefits come together with Nexgen.


Brand Getit
Product GETIIT Floral Sport Calling Smart Watch
Battery 200 mah
Waterproof IP68 Waterproof
Color Black
Screen 1.78 inches TFT
Resolution 320×385 pixel
Bluetooth 4.2 version
Strap Extra silicon strap
Strap width 20 mm
Dimension 37.2×44.3×10.2 mm
Fitness tracker Yes
Bluetooth call Yes
Notifications Yes



1.      Fashionable

2.      Waterproof

3.      Bluetooth call

1.    no



All the functions of the GETIIT Floral Sports Calling Smart Watch are given in the above content. This is the top-ranked smartwatch because of its functions and valuable price.


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