Getiit Fit Band


  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Automatic Steps Count
  • Find My Phone
  • Continue Heart Rate Monitor
  • Camera Remote


Are you looking to change your life by building new habits and keeping track of them with a watch? Then you need to check Getiit fit band watch because it has a lot of new functional features. It gives you good new features at an affordable price.

The Getiit Pulse ii Smart Band comes with an automatic steps count and with the help of this watch, you can find your phone. Moreover, it has a Camera remote, a continuous heart rate monitor, and wake-up gesture features. You can wear this getit pulse ii smartwatches with sports cloth and casual clothes also.

Furthermore, this Getit fit band is IP67 Waterproof so you would not be worried when you wear it outside during rain. Also, you can change its setting to your own desire and comfort. You will get social media, a sleep monitor, and an Alarm in this smartwatch.

Additionally, if you want to wake up early in the morning you set an alarm in this band. You can set reminders in this smart band. Its color screen and multiple backgrounds make it more beautiful. So, if you want to buy this Getit fit band then come to Nexgen. NexGen has a low price platform while also having a huge assortment of products.


  • Continue Heart Rate Monitor
  • Automatic Steps Count
  • Calories
  • Find My Phone
  • Camera Remote
  • Message Reader
  • Social Media
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Wake Up Gesture
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Reminders
  • Call Reminder
  • Alarm
  • Movement Path
  • Color Screen
  • Multiple Background
  • Easy USB Charge



1.      Never miss a call

2.      Quick access to the notification

3.      Fashionable

1.      Limited battery life


By wearing this Getit fit band you would never call. You get quick access to notifications. You will set an alarm for early wake-up and a lot of features. All the features are mentioned in the above content.


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