Audionic SUGAR 7 Quality Sound Portable Speaker


  • Light weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Rechargeable
  • 4-6 hrs. Playtime


Speaker plays an important role in enhancing your computer. Speakers are mainly used in PCs since laptop comes equipped with their own company-fit speakers. They are given the jobs of alerting the user about notifications or an advertisement video playing in the background. If you are looking for top-quality speakers to enhance your sound experience, go check out Audionic SUGAR 7 Lightweight Quality Sound Portable Speaker.

It provides you best enjoyment with its fusion lights. It has USB supported buttons that give you easy controls. They are a rechargeable speaker that provides long-lasting music experience. It is not so high cost. Audionic SUGAR 7 Lightweight Quality Sound Portable Speaker gives you quality sound experience and make your music worth listening. Sugar 7 is lightweight speakers that make it easy to move away anywhere.

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Brand Audionic
Model Sugar-7
Battery 1200 mAH
Frequency Response 40hz-16Khz
Play Time 4-6 hours
FM Radio Yes
Switch Button Control Yes


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