Audionic sugar-20 Bluetooth portable speaker


  • Frequency Response of 150Hz – 1800Hz
  • 4-6 hours battery capacity
  • Built-in FM radio
  • USB and TF card supported


Enjoy unending fun with the Audionic sugar-20 Bluetooth portable speaker. This wireless speaker is designed according to your expectations. High bass sound, stable and fast wireless connection, and remote control. It features all characteristics that you demand. Moreover, it is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery that works for 4-6 hours. Along with it, it gets fully charged in 2-4 hours.

Furthermore, it also supports USB and TF cards that let you enjoy your desired playlist every time. Additionally, you can enjoy a stable and fast wireless connection at the range of 10 m. It has a less than 5 inches drive unit and a high-frequency response of 150Hz – 1800Hz to give quality sound. Besides, Audionic sugar-20 Bluetooth portable speaker has switch buttons that allow you to control the music easily.

Now, you can enjoy live music streaming on FM radio. This portable speaker also features karaoke ports that work on the hours of need. If you are also planning for your picnic, make sure you must have a rechargeable speaker.

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Brand Audionic
Model Sugar-20
Frequency response 150Hz – 1800Hz
Power 10 W less than five inches
Weight 2.96 VGNA


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