APK Primer Price in Pakistan


  • Skin- nourishment
  • Youthful glow formula
  • Even base for makeup
  • Perfect hydration


Real skin-hydrating formula APK primer price in Pakistan is ideal for everyone. Nowadays, makeup is not only confined to grown-up women but also young ones. Therefore, this primer is composed for every type and age of skin. This liquid primer keeps whole nourishing formula in it that keeps skin tight and healthy. Moreover, it is lightweight to the skin and provides the perfect base for the application of makeup. Substandard primers suck out whole water from the skin but APK primer is unique.

It keeps skin- moisturizing as well as hydrating power that keeps your skin fresh. Above all, the consistent composition of primer acts as a fixer for makeup. Due to this reason, makeup stays for 18 hours. So enjoy freshness and newness for longer hours with a single tap. Undoubtedly, APK primer gives a youthful glow to your skin every time. It is the perfect time to avoid old and cheap primers because your skin demand nourishment, health, and glow. So, order it now, because the APK primer price in Pakistan is highly affordable.

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Brand APK
Type Primer
Stay 18 hrs.
Quantity 30ml


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