APK Mascara Price in Pakistan


  • Waterproof mascara
  • Eyelashes enhancer
  • Quick-drying
  • No allergic effects


It is time to say goodbye to old and rough mascaras. Buy APK mascara that has matchless results. Above all, APK mascara price in Pakistan is highly affordable. It has many unique features. Firstly, the consistent composition of eyes-friendly ingredients. Secondly, the quick-drying avoids mess around the eyes. Thirdly, the waterproof feature lets it stay longer, whether you are drenched in tears or rain.

Moreover, the comfortable brush stick allows the exact and perfect setting of the liquid mascara. The application of liquid mascara makes eyelashes creamy in seconds. Undoubtedly, the quality and vision-friendly ingredients of mascara don’t harm the eyes if they contact. Other than that, APK mascara has a long application duration. If it is kept in dry places and away from temperature, it works over the years. So, get rid of allergic mascaras and go for the perfect eyes partner, waterproof APK mascara. Luckily, APK mascara price in Pakistan is at the best lowest online.

Cosmetics, an online beauty products seller in Pakistan, gives you exposure to superior makeup items. It not only aims to beautify you but also aware of your skin needs. Thus, don’t compromise on skin and beauty, choose the best that suits you the most! Place order now and enjoy the use to stay young and fresh forever.


Brand APK
Type Massacre Creamy
Weight 8 g


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