Adjustable Laptop Stand in Pakistan


  • Adjustable: Adjusted from 5.5inch to 7.0inch
  • Portable: Foldable and easy to place
  • Size: 420x260mm/16.5×10.2in
  • Material: Aluminum alloy


If you want to get rid of neck pain or shoulder pain after slouching a laptop for a long time. Then you need to check this buy Adjustable Laptop Stand in Pakistan because its price is more acceptable than its features and specifications. It is the best laptop stand in Pakistan because of its material and specifications.

This adjustable stands for laptops that raised your laptop screen closer to eye level, which is better to maintain your health. Moreover, if you tire from regularly 8 hours of office work. And now you want to work at home too then you must purchase this Adjustable Laptop Stand in Pakistan.

Furthermore, this laptop stand has a slim and smooth body which makes it more beautiful. This, multipurpose height adjustable laptop table comes with a size of 420x260mm/16.5×10.2in and is made with Aluminum alloy material. You can also easily adjust your mobile phone and books in this portable laptop stand.

Additionally, the Adjustable Laptop Stand in Pakistan comes with Eight heights and can be freely adjustable from 5.5inch to 7.0inch. And is made of lightweight ABS with non-slip elastic surface cushions to keep the PC set and areas of strength up solid. So, if you want to buy this adjustable laptop then come to Nexgen.


  1. Portable: Foldable and simple to put. Helpful to convey and use at home, the workplace, or elsewhere.
  2. Cooling Fan: This office PC stand has a quiet CPU fan. It’s strong and it will let hot air out of your PC. Keep cool and partake in your work or perusing.
  3. Rotatable: The base plan has a turntable, simple to rotate the PC and share it with other colleagues.
  4. Multiple Uses: This Adjustable laptop stand is used for Mobile placing, book holder, TV Dinner tray, and sound equipment.



1.      provide a better posture

2.      Also hold your mobile

3.      360 degrees rotatable

1.     No


As all features and specifications of the Adjustable Laptop Stand in Pakistan are mentioned in the content. This is the best laptop stand for comfort and getting rid of neck-shoulder pain.


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