A4TECH V-TRACK Optical Mouse N-60F


  • Plug and play
  • 2X-button
  • 4-way wheel
  • Retractable cable
  • 1000 DPI


A4TECH V-track OPTICAL MOUSE N-60F works anywhere without a pad. This mini mouse is designed agronomically.  Its counter shape is for maximum comfort. After use of long years, it remains new. The strong wheel with rubber makes the mouse so that the hand will not slip when scrolling. It has dust-resistant surfacing that keeps it disorder-free. You can also capture the screen with help of this optical mouse.

Besides, A4TECH V-track OPTICAL MOUSE N-60F has a dual-function key and retractable cable. The retractable cable of the mouse can be up to 90 cm, which is long enough to reach under and behind a desk. It offers extreme quality, over 5 million clicks guaranteed. It has 1000 DPI. The side buttons are present as backward and forward functions. A4TECH optical mouse can work on uneven surfaces, marble, bed & furs. It is the best software for your every need.

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Model N-60F
Type Wired
Ergonomic design Symmetric
Sensor Optical
Resolution 1000 DPI
Button No  3
Port USB
Cable length 90 cm
Dimension 53*52.4*33.2 mm



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