A4TECH KR-92 Comfort Key Keyboard


  • FN Hot Keys
  • Large Enter Key
  • Adjustable height
  • Drain Hole Design
  • A shaped structure


A4TECH KR-92 comfort key keyboard allows comfort typing in silence. Its round edge, as well as large keys, make it more suitable. The drain holes are created to help the keyboard from liquid split off. Comfort round edge key caps provide hours of typing comfort. The whole natural_ A-shaped structure is designed to match a natural typing position, preventing repetitious strain injury to the wrist, neck, and shoulders. A4TECH KR-92 comfort key keyboard laser printing keycaps make the letter always new even after a long period. Screw enhanced space bar make it more convenient.

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keyboard KR-92
Key caps Round Edge
Hot keys 12 FN Multimedia Hotkeys
Character Laser Engraving
Splash proof Yes
Rating 5V / 30 mA
Dimensions 456*150*28 mm
Weight 564g
Hardware connectivity USB



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