4R Glossy 200g photo paper

 2,400 10,000

  • High glossy photo paper
  • Size: 4” x 6”
  • 100 sheets per packet
  • Dye and pigment ink supported
  • Flat and smooth
  • Economic inkjet media
  • Vibrant colors
  • 100% 200g card


The 4R Glossy 200g Photo Paper is a high-quality printing solution for all. It has a high gloss microporous base for printing high-resolution images on A4 size paper, with a weight of 200g. this paper will allow you to obtain a very good color gamut. Moreover, due to its speed of lighting drying feature, it will help keep the pictures fresh and from fading for a long time. The paper is also water-resistant. With this, spills or accidents will not damage the paper or the image printed on it.

The overall finish of the 4R Glossy 200g Photo Paper is glossy. The high gloss finish injects life into prints making the colors appear vivid and sharp. This glossy paper can be used for photographs brochures, greetings, and other prints you need to stand out.

The gloss instantly dries right after printing. This helps increase the quality of the print. Furthermore, the paper is also water-resistant. Now a few drops of water will not damage your work.

The weight of the 4R Glossy Photo Paper is 200g. this makes it a thicker paper with high-quality image reproduction. You can use this paper best when the keep-sake value is high or where the perception of quality is required.

The 4R Glossy 200 g Photo Paper is suitable for use with any model of Inkjet printers including Canon, Epson, HP, Kodak, or Lexmark.


  • This paper has a glossy finish.
  • The paper instantly dries for better image quality.
  • It is water-resistant, meaning your photo is less likely to get damaged due to water.
  • The weight of the paper is 200g. this gives it a thicker finish and a higher quality than other papers.
  • It comes in the size A4.

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