4R 230G PHOTO PAPER 230g

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  • High glossy photo paper
  • Size 4×6
  • 230g
  • 100 sheets in a packet
  • Dye and pigment ink supported
  • Absolutely flat and smooth
  • Economic inkjet media
  • Creating vibrant images on paper
  • Best for 6 color printers like EPSON L805, T60, and T50


The 4R 230G PHOTO PAPER enhances color, brightness, and the details of the image. It is a high glossy photo paper. In this paper, the color fixing technique of advanced image storage is more durable.

The 4R 230G PHOTO PAPER dries quickly and is waterproof. Due to the paper having a short drying time, it is used widely for water-based dye or pigment inkjet printers. This way, once the user has printer an image, they will be able to get the end result smudge-free. This paper is compatible with color inkjet printers. This is a cast-coated paper for economic photo printing. It also has a 288 DPI Print Resolution.

The size of the paper is 4R/200G. a packet holds 100 sheets of paper, enough to keep you going for a long time.  The 4R PHOTO PAPER gives off an excellent image definition and color saturation.


  • The 4R 230 G PHOTO PAPER is a high-end glossy photo paper.
  • It comes in a size of 4 x 6 4R/230g.
  • A packet holds 100 sheets of glossy paper.
  • This paper is best compatible with water-based dye or pigment inkjet printers.
  • The users will now be able to create vibrant images on paper.
  • The print comes out absolutely flat and smooth.

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