16×12 Photo Frame with Mount

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  • With mount: 12 x 8” picture
  • Without mount: 16 x 12” picture
  • Ready – to – hand mounted frame
  • Outside dimensions: H46 x W36 x D1.5 cm


The 16×12 photo frame with mount is suitable for an image size 12 x 8” with the mount or a 16 x 12” image without the mount. This frame comes ready – to – hang as either landscape or portrait, depending on your liking.

The frame does not come with a stand, therefore, it is only used for hanging pictures on the wall. The 16×12 photo frame with mount is fitted with a glass window and a soft white mount. The mount is removing very easily. The outside dimensions. Of the frame are H46 x W36 x D1.5 cm.

It also has a width of 2cm. this frame is available in many colors. With this, your home will turn into an elegant showroom for all your family pictures. Moreover, by having the ability to use either in a landscape mode or a portrait mode, you will be able to align all your photo frames in an orderly manner. The similar size of all the frames will allow you to have an aesthetically pleasing display of your pictures.


  • The mount on this photo frame is removable.
  • With the mount, the image size of the photo should be 12 x 8in.
  • Without the mount, the image size should be 16 x 12in.
  • You will be able to hang the frame either in a landscape view or a portrait.
  • The frame holds an outside dimension of H46 x W36 x D1.5cm.

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